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Language Tea Time

Improve your language skills and make new friends from all walks of life!

For over a decade, NUMA has been connecting language learners and community members through these "Tea Time" gatherings.

We are now located in St. Jax Centre, and our commitment to building a strong community and offering practice opportunities for language learners like you has never been stronger! 

NUMA is an officially registered Non-profit organization.  


🇫🇷 French: Mondays, 3:30-5:30pm

🇬🇧 English: Tuesdays, 3:30-5:30pm

🇯🇵 Japanese: Saturdays, 4-6pm

Location: Centre St. Jax, 1439 Sainte-Catherine O.

RSVP: on Meetup 

Join us for fun and engaging conversations with fellow language learners and friendly volunteers!

Bring a snack or tea to share OR a $5 donation.

FREE for volunteers, NUMA & E-QIP staff & and students (currently registered). 

Looking to volunteer? 

Speak with Yukari at any Tea Time.

Interested in hosting a Language TEAm Time for your organization?  

Email us! [email protected].

Language Levels


Keywords: Starting out.


I know a few words but I can't speak at all.


Keywords: Simple questions, familiarity, and close environment.

1 (low)

I have a small base. I know some words and phrases but I can't really say much.

2 (average)

I can speak in short phrases and sentences. I can talk about some basic stuff and answer really easy questions.

3 (high)

I can say a few basic sentences at a time. I can talk slowly and answer easy questions about myself, things I usually do, and my life.


Keywords: Descriptions, basic conversations.

4 (low)

I know how to make simple sentences pretty well. I can talk slowly with pauses for a minute or two about everyday life, wants and needs.

5 (average)

I can use a variety of basic sentences comfortably. I can discuss concrete information and familiar topics slowly for a few minutes with some effort.

6 (high)

I know vocabulary for most everyday things and can use some complex sentences. I can discuss familiar topics in some detail slowly, sometimes faster, with some confidence.


Keywords: Beginning of autonomy, able to cope with, can express opinions. Average listening skills and being able to converse, give advice, and argue.

7 (low)

I can use some abstract vocabulary and complex structures. I speak almost normally with some pauses about unfamiliar topics, experiences and feelings. I can generally offer explanations, provide reasons and share opinions.

8 (average)

I use idiomatic language, technical terms in my field, and a variety of complex structures. I am pretty fluent and can discuss unfamiliar topics with native speakers fairly comfortably. I interact spontaneously to abstract questions and explain my reasoning.

9 (high)

I can generally express my thoughts clearly though grammar still occasionally gets in the way of communicating ideas exactly the way I want to. I can discuss and defend my point of view in detail on both abstract topics and topical issues off the cuff. I adjust my politeness and tone as needed.


Keywords: Can express himself or herself spontaneously with a good structure. Can understand without effort and master the language.

10 (low)

I rarely have trouble expressing myself. I speak fluently and spontaneously, hesitating only occasionally to look for the right words. I can handle fairly in depth conversations in a group and understand nuance and implied meaning. I adjust register and style as appropriate to suit the context.

11 (average)

I can use a wide range of abstract and idiomatic language accurately and flexibly, selecting words and phrasing for colour and nuance. I can lead discussions on complex subjects, analyze and summarize others' arguments, and manage challenging situations. I want to work on some long-standing issues and polish my language for professional purposes.

12 (high)

I can speak fluently with virtually no impediment, differentiating between finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations. I am able to convey my feelings and layers of meaning with my voice. However, I am not fully confident in my language use and want to eliminate some fossilized errors and/or work on communicating clearly and effectively in specialized contexts.