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Speak with Ease!

We are deeply committed to your success. We're thrilled to share how our tried-and-true Kaizen Connect® teaching methods can be your trusted ally on the path to confident communication. Your achievements are at the heart of our mission, and we're here to make the journey joyful & effective.

Our Values

At NUMA, our core values—POSITIVITY, RESPECTFULNESS and OPEN-MINDEDNESS—shape every aspect of how we run our school. To ensure an experience that is positive, respectful and open-minded, we PROmise that throughout your learning journey, NUMA and its team of instructors will remain: PRO.


Our instructors, administrators and curriculum developers are the best at what they do, and our trademark teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®, enables them to curate and deliver learning experiences that are transformative, effective and infused with joy.

Our professionalism doesn’t stop at the classroom. Whether you’ve undertaken your language learning journey as a workplace requirement or with the intention of shifting into an entirely new role or career, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the transition you’re after.


Regular progress reports, leading-edge teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®—which empowers our students to learn from their own mistakes—and ample opportunities for students to both provide and receive feedback enable us to remain accountable to those whose opinions matter the most: our students. If you’re putting in the work, you will make progress—that’s a guarantee, and the system we’ve put in place ensures that this remains true.


NUMA is where like-minded growth seekers and global citizens converge to reap the benefits that multilingualism has to offer, and their ambition is what makes motivating our students the easiest part of the job for any of our instructors. In our experience, the best way to foster growth in our students and fuel the passion that already exists within them is through encouragement and support, which we deliver through open lines of communication between students and instructors and our team of helpful, empathetic support.


Spoken languages:
English, French, Japanese, Spanish
  • Focus on Speaking
  • 45 min classes
  • 6 students max
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Steps from Guy-Concordia metro
  • Free consultation
  • FREE level placement
  • FREE Group lesson trial
  • FREE access to Language Tea Times
  • FREE Academic counselling
  • Simple sign-up process:
  • 1. Contact us or drop by
  • 2. Assess your level
  • 3. Complete registration
  • 4. Confirm your schedule
Melinda M.

Fantastic school and staff. I took a one-week intensive French class and really got a lot out of it. The classes are structured in a way that gives a lot of time to speaking as well as learning grammar and vocabulary. There is a nice continuity between classes so what you learn in one class, you practice in the next. I got some very good tips for how to continue my French practice outside of the class and some good tips for how to accelerate my learning path. very supportive and clear in their communication and teaching...

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