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Montreal Classes

As a language school, our reputation—and therefore our success—depends entirely on your success, and we’re confident that our proven, Kaizen Connect® teaching methods are a one-way ticket to confident communication.
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Lesson Structure

Regardless of where you begin your language journey with us, our lessons are designed to help you constantly improve. All our programs focus on a combination of the following formula:


You are encouraged - and given the space - to speak as much as possible. Our instructors listen actively, then offer feedback on improving natural expression and flow. Talking spontaneously and smoothly are the goals.

Now you're speaking easily!


You build your linguistic toolbox and practice elements of language from form to usage. Instructors increase awareness of your challenges and help you eliminate them.

Now you're speaking clearly!


You focus on topics, and scenarios to build confidence handling both more casual and increasingly complex interactions. Our instructors host and facilitate conversation, introduce communicative strategies, and offer practical feedback.

Now you're speaking confidently!


You activate your language in various real life situations. Our instructors shift from coaches to mentors, reviewing practical forms and strategies, then take you beyond the classroom. Operating autonomously is the goal.

Now you're speaking freely!

Language Levels


Keywords: Starting out.


I know a few words but I can't speak at all.


Keywords: Simple questions, familiarity, and close environment.

1 (low)

I have a small base. I know some words and phrases but I can't really say much.

2 (average)

I can speak in short phrases and sentences. I can talk about some basic stuff and answer really easy questions.

3 (high)

I can say a few basic sentences at a time. I can talk slowly and answer easy questions about myself, things I usually do, and my life.


Keywords: Descriptions, basic conversations.

4 (low)

I know how to make simple sentences pretty well. I can talk slowly with pauses for a minute or two about everyday life, wants and needs.

5 (average)

I can use a variety of basic sentences comfortably. I can discuss concrete information and familiar topics slowly for a few minutes with some effort.

6 (high)

I know vocabulary for most everyday things and can use some complex sentences. I can discuss familiar topics in some detail slowly, sometimes faster, with some confidence.


Keywords: Beginning of autonomy, able to cope with, can express opinions. Average listening skills and being able to converse, give advice, and argue.

7 (low)

I can use some abstract vocabulary and complex structures. I speak almost normally with some pauses about unfamiliar topics, experiences and feelings. I can generally offer explanations, provide reasons and share opinions.

8 (average)

I use idiomatic language, technical terms in my field, and a variety of complex structures. I am pretty fluent and can discuss unfamiliar topics with native speakers fairly comfortably. I interact spontaneously to abstract questions and explain my reasoning.

9 (high)

I can generally express my thoughts clearly though grammar still occasionally gets in the way of communicating ideas exactly the way I want to. I can discuss and defend my point of view in detail on both abstract topics and topical issues off the cuff. I adjust my politeness and tone as needed.


Keywords: Can express himself or herself spontaneously with a good structure. Can understand without effort and master the language.

10 (low)

I rarely have trouble expressing myself. I speak fluently and spontaneously, hesitating only occasionally to look for the right words. I can handle fairly in depth conversations in a group and understand nuance and implied meaning. I adjust register and style as appropriate to suit the context.

11 (average)

I can use a wide range of abstract and idiomatic language accurately and flexibly, selecting words and phrasing for colour and nuance. I can lead discussions on complex subjects, analyze and summarize others' arguments, and manage challenging situations. I want to work on some long-standing issues and polish my language for professional purposes.

12 (high)

I can speak fluently with virtually no impediment, differentiating between finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations. I am able to convey my feelings and layers of meaning with my voice. However, I am not fully confident in my language use and want to eliminate some fossilized errors and/or work on communicating clearly and effectively in specialized contexts.

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We are deeply committed to your success. We're thrilled to share how our tried-and-true Kaizen Connect® teaching methods can be your trusted ally on the path to confident communication. Your achievements are at the heart of our mission, and we're here to make the journey joyful & effective.